Applying for Rental Property Checklist

So you have your application form but what next?

We have created a quick checklist for what to provide when applying for a rental.

  • Make sure you have viewed the property or sent someone to view on your behalf
  • Make sure you have filled in all parts of application form
  • Provide 1 x Application per person (over 18 years old)
  • Provide 100 points of ID
  • Provide proof of income in form of bank statements and/or payslips
  • Provide any character reference letters and recommendations from employers, old properties managers, past sales
  • Provide bill/s with applicant/s name
  • Make sure you sign the application form & privacy statement
  • Make sure your references are contactable!
  • Rental Resume (not required but great to have)
  • Cover Letter (not required but great to have)

The more you provide to the property manager the better your chances are!

How do you submit you application?

There is a number of way you can submit your application

Property Managers are appointed by Landlords to ensure the tenant they choose can:

  1. Pay the rent on time
  2. Take care of rental property
  3. Easy to deal with

If you can prove all of the above through your documentation then you will most likely be an ideal candidate.

I’ve submitted my application… Now what?

It takes up to 48 hours (during business hours) for an application to be processed so be patient and know that our property manager will contact you and let you know if you have been successful. If you don’t hear anything, simply call or email the property manager – a lot of the time reference’s take some time to get a hold of so this can delay the letting process.

We wish you all the best during your search!

Feel free to contact our office for any questions and our property manager will be glad to help.

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Applying for Rental Property Checklist