Refresh your home!

So how do you make your home open-house ready? Depending on your home’s current condition, it can be a large, overwhelming job, so you’ll want to stay organised, take it slow and work step-by-step. Here is our 3 big tips that we recommend over everything for the inside of your home!

Hire a stylist

If you live a busy lifestyle and can afford it consider hiring a stylist and hiring some furniture. It can really give your home an extra wow-factor to potential buyers.


1 Pear Court – Bedroom Sytled1 Pear Court – Bedroom Sytled


Learn to let go.. & de-clutter!

Personal items like family photos and knickknacks are distracting and need to be put away before your open house. Just think of it as getting a head start on your packing.


Before & After De-cluttering


And finish it off with a lick of paint!

Houses eventually get wear and tear and paint will fade out over time so do your home a favor and top it up with a bit of paint where needed! A fresh coat of paint on your interior walls is by far one of the most cost-effective ways to make your home show well.


Paint the town… well house !



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Refresh your home!