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Ufirst Real Estate are looking for Experienced Sales Consultants to join our team.

Our new office location is 75 Watt Road, Mornington. This double storey office space is modern, fresh and versatile with all brand new furnishing. Step inside the door to the open plan reception where property management, marketing, admin and accounts are divided off with all brand new desks and handsets.  The sales team office located upstairs with a view over the Mornington area and a giant mural to keep the environment warm and cosy for those hours agent spend in the office. Walk out the back to the kitchen, dining area and meeting room – all styled to perfection. The warehouse is comprised of two sections; storage and then an recreation area which will double as a space for in-house auctions. This area also features a basketball hoop, ping pong table, dart board & a cosy couch and dining area.

Juan Merchan has been in real estate for the past 16 years and established himself as one of the area’s most successful agents, being in the top 10% of real estate agents for most sale transactions and sales income.

Having a proven track record with Auctions in the area (clearance rate of over 90%), his ability to get the best for his clients “in real time” at auctions, sets him apart from the rest!

We are “POUND FOR POUND” ranked #2 in the area. Juan Merchan (Director) is not in direct competition like other agencies – he is here to help you grow with his elite skill set and knowledge!

Put in the hours and you will see yourself grow not only financially but you can potentially be offered your own brand within the Ufirst Real Estate business.

Here at Ufirst we have a friendly, bubbly and vibrant team. At U First Real Estate, we understand the importance of our partners and staff in delivering our service to our clients.  Our promise to you – our partners and staff – is to provide you with opportunities for self development and growth on a personal and financial level.

Work hard, Play hard? We believe in hard work deserves rewards!! When targets are met we reward the team members accordingly.

Not to mention, Each week we have our Thursday team lunch where Heidi Merchan (The Company Chef) cooks a delish lunch for all the team so we have a chance to put the tools down and catch up!

Thinking about starting a career in real estate with Ufirst Real Estate?

Forward your resume to [email protected]


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Join Our Team